Emma is learning her letters in Spanish. I actually am amazed at how quickly she picks them up. She has A-O down pretty well, although she sometimes mixes up J and L.

She associates each letter with the name (or sometimes a word) of someone she knows. 
2/25/2015 04:18:23 am

Hi there! I'm excited to have found your blog. I'm a fellow non-native bilingual parent. I'm actually contacting you in hopes that you would be willing to write up a little high light of your bilingual adventure for my new website. I'm trying to create a place to connect non-native bilingual families. I would LOVE to feature your family on my website. The address is www.nonnativebilingualparenting.com. I noticed that you and your husband both served missions. I'm LDS too and I'm trying to get BYU magazine to do an article on non-native bilingual parenting because I think that there are just so many returned missionaries with foreign language skills who could pull it off--just as you have done. Anyways, can't wait to hear from you. --Nina


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