Check out this awesome website! I haven't read it all the way through, yet (New baby is keeping me on my toes and I have sadly neglected my own study of Spanish as well as this blog.) But now that she is a month old and we have a bit of a routine, (ha! as routine as you can get with a toddler and newborn) I am going to start back up doing my own personal study of Spanish as well as making sure to incorporate more direct learning with Emma.

From first glance and a few clicks, it looks useful...Maybe one of you have more time and will get a better look at before I do. If so, let me know if it is as good as it looks at first glance.

Anyways, here it is!

How to Learn Spanish

I found a few kids music CDs at the library and I am loving listening to them with Emma. Plus it's helping me learn more songs in Spanish to sing to Emma, so I don't have to revert to English ones.

For other non-native speakers: I have found a good way to learn, or to help you understand better is to listen to music and write down the words or translate it. Kids songs are a good place to start, since they tend to anunciate more and have simpler topics.

Side note: I am thinking of maybe teaching some of the kids (if their mom's are interested) from our playgroup Spanish. Nothing big, just the colors, animals, etc. Partly, again, to help me get Spanish into my head, but also to help show Emma that it's fun to speak Spanish and also to help me get used to speaking Spanish in front of them. Obviously, since they are 1-3 year olds it would be a short 10-15 minutes with lots of music, visuals, and maybe a game.

Anyways, on one of the CD's I borrowed there is a song about farm animals, a song about colors, a song about dancing and different body parts. So I think it would be fun to use it to teach Emma, and maybe her friends. I was thinking of printing out pictures or finding stuffed animals or figurines for each of the different topics to help. When I do it, I will make sure to take some pictures or something and let ya'll know how it goes.