It is no secret. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I've read all the books who knows how many times. So, I want to try to cast a spell to help me....just kidding. I wish it were that easy.

By reading, what I am really hoping for is to help me start to think in Spanish more often and pick up some new vocabulary while I am at it. I would also like to listen to the book on CD, but they all seem to be pretty pricey and our library doesn't have them in Spanish. If you have any leads as to where I can find at least one of the books for cheap, that would be great!

Because I have read it so many times, I know what's going on even without knowing the exact translation of all of the words, so it is helping me learn new vocabulary. After reading for a good stretch of time, I find myself thinking more in Spanish as well, so it's working! Now I just gotta use those new words!

Something I struggle with, however, is that different words have different meanings depending on what country you are I am always afraid that I might be swearing in one country when really, I am just trying to implement innocent

I have also set a goal to speak to Gavin more in Spanish. With Emma it's a lot of repetiion of the same things, and even though I think she is a brilliant 2 year old, our conversations don't go very deep. So by speaking to Gavin more often in Spanish it will also (hopefully) help me to think more in Spanish and learn or re-learn different conjugations for different words.

And just to be accountable, I feel like I am doing pretty good about speaking to Emma in Spanish at least 80% of the time, usually more. I have done much better while out in public, though I still struggle in more intimate settings, like when a smaill group of friends or family are at our home or we are at someone else's home. I need to work on that.

A. A.A.
7/28/2013 01:41:20 am

Hi! I just found your website and am excited to see other Americans raising their kids non-native in Spanish. I don't have kids (yet) but its my intention to raise them non-native in Spanish!

I wanted to share this Youtube Link with you, its Harry Potter book one.

7/28/2013 03:58:47 am

Thank you!!!!! That is perfect!
It is definitely been a lot of hard work. I know that my kids won't be fluent just from hearing me speak Spanish to them, (I am too inconsistent.) but I am hoping that it will give them a head start. Come back and update when you have kids of your own and we can help motivate each other. :)


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