Emma loves playing on the iPad. I have downloaded a bunch of Spanish kids apps, so I don't feel too bad about letting her play on it.

One of her favorite things to do, though, is look at pictures and videos that I have taken. So, taking an idea that I have seen on a couple of bilingual blogs, I decided to video us singing some Spanish songs.

This was fun, and was done in just a few minutes. Nothing fancy. The first one I did with just me, but I found that she likes seeing herself more, so I put her on my lap and we did the rest of them together. I think I might print some pictures for the songs that don't have hand movements so she can have a visual of what we are singing about.

This won't replace me singing to her one on one, but when I am trying to get things done, this will just be another helpful Spanish resource to keep her entertained.
2/23/2013 12:02:32 pm

I love the idea of making my own videos of us singing in our non-native language to show the kids on the iPad! I'm going to try that right away. I recorded some songs on the iPad (just the audio) but that didn't keep my kids' attention.

(On the other hand, I'm tempted to record myself counting from o to 100 in French and play it when I put my toddler down for a nap--listening to me count usually put my son to sleep when he was that age.)

What apps in SPanish for toddlers do you recommend?

2/28/2013 09:51:46 am

Thanks for stopping by! I have enjoyed browsing through and learning from your blog.

I love your idea of recording yourself counting. I think I might try that with different objects.

As far as apps go, I am cheap and all the ones I get are the free ones. Off the top of my head two that Emma really like are "I hear ewe" and "Shapes". Both are originally in English, but the language can be changed to Spanish or French on both of them. I'll have to write down some of her other favorites and most used somtime and get a list on the website.


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