Books are such a great source to learn new and useful vocabulary! Especially kid books.

We have really hit the Spanish section of our library hard. In fact, I don't check out any English books from there unless Emma happens to slip one into the stack.

Tomorrow I will come back and tell you some of my favorites that we have found.

Emma has consistently started to use the word, "biblioteca." :) Hallelujah for another Spanish word coming out of that girls mouth! 

Today she also said to me, "Mama, por favor, quiero el iPad." I was so excited that she said a whole sentence in Spanish that I let her play on it for a bit.

Speaking of Emma speaking Spanish, we have had a wonderful opportunity laid at our feet. I have mentioned before that we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In the church we receive various "callings" that give us the opportunity to serve each other. This little excerpt from the church's website explains it better: 
"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints functions in large measure because of the unpaid volunteer ministry of its members. In fact, this lay ministry is one of the Church’s most defining characteristics. In thousands of local congregations or “wards” around the world, members voluntarily participate in “callings” or assignments that provide meaningful opportunities to serve one another. It is common for Church members to spend 5-10 hours a week serving in their callings. Some callings, such as a bishop, women’s Relief Society president, or stake president may require 15-30 hours per week."
Anyways, my husband and I were asked to serve as language missionaries for the local Spanish congregation. Which means that we will be attending the Spanish speaking ward for church each week (3 hours on Sunday) plus whatever activities they have throughout the week. 

This is going to do amazing things for our Spanish! I am so excited. Emma and Charlotte will be able to hear native speakers on a regular basis and my husband and I will be able to improve our Spanish as well. I am thrilled! They have a nursery where children 18 months-2 years get to go and play and learn together. So Emma will be able to hear other little kids speaking Spanish. I am also hoping to set up some play dates to further their interaction. 

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