I admit...I have been a little the past couple of weeks in speaking only Spanish with Emma. I keep wanting to write out all the "excuses" that I might have, but in reality...that's all they are...excuses...and none of them very good.

I loved this post that I read today about raising bilingual kids. It's all about Perseverance. This little question especially hit me over the head:

Am I really feeling bad enough right now not to nurture the long-term dream I have for my children, a dream that can only be realized if I make these efforts on a daily basis?

I feel like there are some days....(okay a lot, since my last blog post was about how hard it is to do this sometimes) that I have to continually tell myself to keep going. To speak Spanish. To keep studying and improving my own Spanish. I have to remind myself that it has now been two years!! TWO YEARS! Since I started this bilingual journey with Emma and if I let up now...if I quit...then those two years will have been for nothing.

So for anyone else out there struggling. Just remember your goal. Keep in the front of your mind what you have already done and what you want to accomplish....and keep going.
4/22/2013 03:28:18 pm

boy do i relate to this -- this is not easy, I think especially for those of us like us who chose to do it part-time and not exclusively (for me in French) since they know we speak English and it is their strong preference. If I can recommend anything at nearly 5.5 years and counting, it's to provide structure and support from the outside as much as humanly possible, i.e. schedule yourself playdates and groups where OTHER people are speaking to her in Spanish and you don't have to struggle to get through the day all by yourself. For me, I wish I had created / joined enough groups so that i would have an activity every day and wouldn't need to constantly plan and think of how to get in the French. And it is true the longer you keep it up the higher the stakes and more determined you are to not waste your effort! I am right there with you, hermana!;-) Keep it up!


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